Want to offer Moringa benefits?

Sell at your local health food store, health practitioner office, yoga studio, farmers market, or website*. Click the link to get the Wholesale Price List!

 *Please note: It is Restricted to sell Moringa Energy Life products on Amazon, WalMart, eBay, and Etsy e-commerce sites. You CAN sell from your own website  or marketplace not listed above!


3 Steps to Order

1. Click to complete the Buyer Application Form on Wholster by creating an account, and filling out the Moringa Energy buyer application.

2. We'll confirm your contact details to access the Moringa Buyer Price List.

3. Make an order value above $200 for wholesale pricing. Buyer pays for shipping. Insurance is available with your order.


Visit our Wholesale Partners at their Stores

Genesis Non-GMO Vitamins & More in Naples, FL.

Mother Earth Natural Foods in Fort Myers, FL.

Simpson Spring in Easton, MA.


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