Moringa Iced Tea (10 pack of Gallon Tea Bags)
Moringa Iced Tea (10 pack of Gallon Tea Bags)

Moringa South Seas Iced Tea (10 pack of One Gallon Tea Bags)

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South Seas Tropical Ultra-Premium Tea (10 pack)

Fragrant and complex, we blend moringa, premium black teas, tropical fruit flavors and a dash of citrus to make this iced tea one to celebrate. Comes in gallon sized tea bags, perfect for 2-3 brews per use. Includes 10 gallon-sized tea pouches.

Iced Tea Recipe: Place one tea bag in a ½ gallon of boiled water, let seep for 30 - 45 minutes, then add a ½ gallon cold water. Squeeze the tea bag to get all the tea juice out. Add ice and serve.

Refreshing hot or cold, this tea will satisfy the whole family with it´s unique blend of the rejuvenating nutrients of organic moringa and the mellow caffeine boost of black tea. A tropical flavor comes from the flowers of rose petals, calendula, safflower, and passion flowers. Add your favorite sweetener if desired. Many fans of this tea brew this tea bag twice.

moringa iced tea


All Natural: contains no sugar, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, grain, egg milk products, gluten or GMO.

Contains: 10 - One Gallon Tea Bags

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