USDA Organic Moringa Oil 3.4 oz.
USDA Organic Moringa Oil 3.4 oz.

Moringa Seed Oil USDA Organic 100% Pure, Cold-Pressed 3.4oz Food Grade

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Naturally Enhance Your Skin & Hair with Pure Moringa Oil!

Moringa oil comes from the seeds of the Moringa oleifera tree and its value was known to ancient civilizations. Rich with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants and boasting anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-aging properties, it’s a must have addition to your daily beauty routine. Now you can easily incorporate it in your skin and hair care regime to gain the multitude of benefits it has to offer and effectively, naturally and safely battle many skin conditions.

Invest in the Premium Quality of 100% USDA Organic Certified Moringa Oil!

Proudly produced in a USDA facility, our Moringa oil is 100% USDA certified, NON-GMO, vegan and free of solvents or additives making it perfectly safe and ideal for even the most sensitive skin types.

Cold pressed, unrefined and undiluted, we offer you the best quality pure and all natural moringa essential oil for your skin and hair care. Rich with many antioxidants, nutrients and documented skin-rejuvenating properties, our Moringa oil organic and food grade does wonders for aging and nutrient depleted skin.

Why Our Organic Moringa Oil Is The Most Effective Skin Care Product:
  • Anti-aging - helps improve wrinkles, prevents facial skin sagging & fights free radical damage
  • Antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties - helps cure minor skin cuts, rashes or burns
  • Reduces skin oiliness & breakouts – purifies & unclogs pores
  • Rejuvenates dull, tired skin by fighting skin fatigue
  • Deeply moisturizes skin
  • Perfect hair conditioner – battles dandruff & dry scalp
  • Strengthens hair, treats split ends by nourishing with minerals & vitamins

Ingredients: Pure, USDA Organic Moringa Oil

Size: 3.4 fluid ounce.

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